Ford's ED Falcon had been in production from August 1993 - August 1994. It was a minor facelift of the previous EB, of the same series as the DC LTD. After many facelifts, Ford decided to release an all new Falcon design, the EF, in September 1994. The DC LTD was to be produced until March 1995, however. This left the public pondering the future of the LTD, seeing that after 5 months, there was still no LTD to match the EF series, and then came the beginning of the DF LTD.

Both the NF Fairlane and the DF LTD were criticised heavily by reviews for bearing too much similarity to the Falcon and Fairmont range, in all aspects, and rightly so. Despite this, sales were still relatively good. The power plant for the DF was a 5.0L V8 standard, or a revised (again) version of the 4.0L 6 cylinder. For the first time, the Fords featured a floor mounted handbrake, as conventional as most other cars, as it had previously been either a twist and turn handle just to the bottom left of the steering column, or a pull out handle in the same place. For once, it had now become an "average" handbrake.

Many had thought that the DF LTD looked nice, but failed to follow on from the DC series car which looked much nicer in comparison.

Regardless of that, the DF had many new features to add to the standard list that were rather useful. These comprised of kerb illuminator lights along the side of the car which were operative at the same time as the corresponding turn indicators, ergonomic seat design (to a new level), mobile phone hook up facilities and many others...

All these were new tp the LTDs list of features, and did not appear in the DC/DC II.

Exterior wise, the DF featured jewel style tail lamps which were streamlined heavily to suit the shape of the car, and its general show. A new style of LTD rims were now fitted, a more chrome like appearance, with an LTD centrebadge rather than an engraved centrecap. The DF also sported a dummy grille, as did the rest of the range, as the air intake was inderneath the front bumper. Interestingly, the brake system air intakes were filled up with spotlights on the Fairlane and LTD, reducing the airflow over them. They'd be a lot hotter than Falcon or Fairmont brakes, as spotlights weren't fitted on those! :)

Ford did now not put their own V8s in the LTD. The V8 was now a US imported Windsor V8. The 6 cylinder was still from Ford Australia, though. New safety features included anti intrusion bars in the doors, a drivers airbag, and a roof crush resistance of 2.25 x the car's weight (So, basically it's got a crush resistance of about 3900kg). Four sensor, three way ABS brakes were now standard. EEC V was now introduced, for the ignition system.

The DF interior was virtually the same as the previous DC II, comprising of leather interior, climate control, full electrics, trip computer, etc. One significant change from the DC/DC II was the instrument panel. The DC series had been digital for everything except fuel, temperature and RPM. Ford had now reverted back to the conventional needle and dial system for everything except the odometer, trip meter and car outline diagram. Another ergonomic addtiotion to the DF, and in another aspect, a safety addition was the implementation of cruise control and stereo controls on the sterring wheel, hence the driver doesn't have to remove his/her hand from the steering wheel to adjust either systems.

The DF series II was unveiled in October 1995 and was identical, except for the addition of a passenger seat airbag.

Ford DF LTD / Ford DF II LTD

March 1995 - October 1995 / October 1995 - March 1997

631 built / 974 built

$60,950(AUD) / $60,950 (AUD)


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