The DF and DF II LTD had sold well for the short time they'd been available. The reason for the release of the DL was basically to match the rest of the series, the EL Falcon/Fairmont, and the NL Fairlane. In the case of the less expensive models, there were significant exterior, interior and safety advancements.

However, in the case of the LTD, the DL remained virtually unchanged from the DF series II.

The only exterior change was flatter LTD rims as standard, however that about wraps it up.

Dual airbag was still standard, and the leather upholstery had changed for the better, to provide better under thigh support.

Other than the abovestated, there was no change to the DF II to generate the DL.

One would have thought that Ford would do what they did with the DC/DC II, where it was intendewd to be the top of the EB and ED range, hence the name DC. Wouldn't it have been simpler with the "DH LTD" ?? :)

To add to the 1605 units sold of the DF/DF II series, the DL sold a further 879 units, to total 2484 units.



March 1997 - May 1999

879 built

$60, 338(AUD)


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