Ford's upgradings to the EA Falcon/Fairmont and NA/NA II Fairlane range produced the EB Falcon/Fairmont range and the NC Fairlane in July 1991. Along with the upgraded family came the DC LTD, also in July 1991.

For reasons unknown outside of Ford, the DC was shortlived, and was quickly taken over by the DC series II car in April 1992.

Many may assume that the DC was simply a continuation of the DA series II, and that everything was the same. However, many changes had been undergone. To the delight of many, the DC LTD saw the return of the V8 engine to the big Ford. It was now a 5.0Litre V8 which produced 165kW kW of GRUNT at 4500rpm. The DC now came standard with Short and Long Arm Long Spindle (SLALS) suspension at the front, and an automatic self levelling Watts linkage system suspension at the rear. Such a range of changes and improvements contributed to a great deal of publicity over the DC at the time of its release, however, it didn't sell as well as some other previous models, despite still being a success.

As a lower cost option, bith in running costs and purchase cost, the DC LTD was available with the 3.9L 6 cylinder engine, the same as what came standard with the DA II previously. This was soon to become a 4.0L 6 cylinder engine upon as the DC II became available. The 6 cylinder version, at a lower cost option, was capable of 148kW of power at 4500rpm, which was 17kW lower than the 5.0L V8. Such a small power difference, such a lot less GRUNT! :)

The exterior differences from the DA/DA II to the DC/DC II were sparse, yet the latter of the two looked so much more stylish, crisp, and American with the addition of clear lens turn indicators, body length pinstriping, body coloured door liners, door handles (DC II only), and body coloured bumpers in the top half of them. (The DA/ DA II had the top half bumper in grey.) Other external cosmetics include a chrome exhaust pipe extension and a continuation of the unique LTD alloy rims and statuette/bootlid badge applique.

As far as the interior was concerned, Leather interior was standard, as in the DA II, (front) seat position adjustments were now almost fully electronic, with only the rake adjustment still being manual. As with the DA/DA II, wood panelling in the doors increased the luxurious air about the car. The LTDs audio system had now been upgraded to a state of the art Alpine Radio/Stereo/CD player, incorporating 8 speaker sound. And boy, does that produce bass!! After so many additions and creature comforts, what more could be added?

The DC series of LTD was in production for almost 4 years.

Ford DC LTD / Ford DC II LTD

July 1991 - May 1992/May 1992 - March 1995

431 built /1450 built

$54,000 (AUD) / $54,000 (AUD)


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